News Update 2017


Halton Housing donation from its Community Sponsorship Fund to RLRS.


Halton Housing donated just over £1,600 from its Community Sponsorship Fund to Runcorn Locks Restoration Society which will be used to help restore the canal between Top Locks and Manchester Ship Canal. The funds were donated to Runcorn Locks Restoration Society to enable them to buy tools which will help them clear and rejuvenate the Leinster Gardens in Runcorn Old Town area. The Society will also invite local community groups to make use of the tools Halton Housing’s grant money allowed them to buy to enable community groups to carry out any improvement work they need throughout Runcorn.Debbie Jameson, the Community Engagement Officer at Halton Housing said:

‘This is a great example of how Halton Housing Community Sponsorship Funding continues to assist local groups across the Borough to improve the landscape of Halton.  The funding has provided the Runcorn Restoration Society with much needed tools to help them carry out their work. We’re proud to offer Community Sponsorship Funding as we see the impact it makes on the local community, it has also helped a number of new groups set up new projects at a time when funding is scarce.’

Graham Wallace, the Chair of Unlock Runcorn said:

We’re heavily involved in the local community, and would like to encourage community members and groups to get involved in the Locks Restoration project, and other rejuvenation projects of their own throughout the borough to help improve the landscape of the town we live in.’

We have found in the Runcorn Locks Restoration Society, that by involving community members in projects we run it not only brings community members together, but it encourages people to look after the area they have worked so hard to rejuvenate. The grant awarded to us by Halton Housing will allow us to continue the work we have been doing, and to help other community groups fulfil their ambitions of carrying out similar projects in Halton.’

Research carried out by Northampton University, The Canal River Trust and Inland Waterways Association highlighted that restoring canals had economic, social and historical benefits for the areas in which the restoration was taking place. The research also suggested, to date, that no canal restoration project had failed to bring a wave of new interest in to the towns and villages where canal restoration had taken place. 

If you would like to get involved in helping to restore the Runcorn Locks, the group work on site at Leinster Gardens, Runcorn Old Town every Saturday. To find out more about the project, and to keep up to date on all the latest Runcorn Lock restoration project news, visit the Unlock Runcorn Volunteers Facebook page.